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Reliable and express logistics and transport solutions That does not waste your time!

Pace Global Courier offers a host of economical and Innovative Logistics and Multi-modal Transport Services. Driven by passion and perseverance, Orient Freight International, Incorporated is the leading logistics company with a reliable selection of services such as freight transport, warehousing, and cargo handling in the Philippines and in South East Asia. Orient Freight was established in 1973 as a license customs broker and freight forwarder specializing in cargo transportation and allied services.

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The following principles reflect our values, define our culture, and guide our actions: lead with humility and respect. Earn trust through authenticity and accountability. Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, associates and suppliers. Practice servant leadership and demand the highest standards.

We are also able to offer a delivery service for large, long, heavy, bulky and oversize parcels/goods. This can include furniture, bikes, machinery parts, large/heavy items purchased/sold on eBay and pallets of goods. Please see our Pallet Delivery Services for more information. Please note we can supply the pallet and secure your goods.